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which one of the choices below does not make a phospholipid?
a) glycerol
b) two fatty acid chains
c) carbohydreates
d) phospate

Proteins are made of___
a) amino acids
b) ribosomes
c) DNA
d) RNA

In DNA, ___ always forms hydrogen bonds with guanine
a) cytosine
b) adenine
c) thymine
d) guanine

The message of the DNA code is information for building ___
a) proteins
b) RNA
c) hydrogen bond
d) Oxygen

The sugar molecule found in RNA
a) Deoxyribose
b) alleles
c) Ribose
d) protein

The genetic information in the DNA is transcribed to the ____
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) mRNA
d) tRNA

___ carry specific amino acids to the ribosome
a) tRNA
b) gRNA
c) mRNA
d) dRNA

Adenine, guanine, cytosine and uracil are nitrogen bases found in ____
a) proteins
b) DNA
c) RNA
d) amino acides

Any change in a gen or chromosome is called a _____
a) typo
b) mistake
c) mutation
d) blooper

Dolly the sheep was a successful example of__
a) clone
b) selective breeding
c) genome
d) inbreeding

breeders cross two genetically different individuals in hope of getting better traits
a) gene therapy
b) genome
c) hybridization
d) selective breeding

identifies the DNA sequence of every gene in the human genome
a) Genome
b) Human Genome project
c) hybridization
d) clone

genes from one organism are transferred into the DNA of another
a) genetic engineering
b) gene therapy
c) human Genome project
d) Genome

process of selecting organisms with desired traits to be parents of next generation
a) genetic engineering
b) gene therapy
c) inbreeding
d) selective breeding

inserts copies of a gene directly into a person's cell
a) clone
b) genosome
c) genetic engineering
d) gene therapy

all DNA in one cell of an organism
a) gene therapy
b) genome
c) clone
d) genetic engineering

involves crossing two individuals that have similar characteristics
a) genome
b) inbreeding
c) hybridiation
d) selective breeding

to reach a conclusion based on known facts
a) infer
b) analyze
c) research
d) variable

to study something closely and carefully
a) analyze
b) reserach
c) variable
d) infer

an idea or theory that is not proven but that leads to further study or discussion.
a) infer
b) conclusion
c) analyze
d) variable

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