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What style of religious music is accompanied by tambourines, drums, and piano?
a) Qawwali
b) Gospel
c) Jazz
d) Theme and Variation

What is the low drone instrument native to Australia?
a) Mrdangam
b) Tambura
c) Didgeridoo
d) Shofar

In Native American languages there is no word for Music.
a) True
b) False

A ram’s horn that is sounded on high holy days at Jewish Synagogues.
a) Digeridoo
b) Shofar
c) Organ
d) Tambura

The type of singing that is taught to only a few select Tibetan monks because it is a skill that requires discipline and practice that integrates the power of mind, body, and speech.
a) Qawwali
b) Overtone
c) Solo
d) Chorale

What famous singer/actress has performed in Les Miserables and Miss Saigon and also provided the voice for Disney Princesses Jasmine and Mulan?
a) Lea Solonga
b) Kim Puccini
c) Lady Gaga
d) Dolly Parton

What do we call verbal messages set to music?
a) Books
b) Sonnets
c) Poems
d) Lyrics

Historians estimate that ____% of all songs are about love.
a) 20
b) 80
c) 95
d) 5

Who wrote both of the Italian operas Madame Butterfly and La Boheme?
a) Giacomo Puccini
b) Fiona Apple
c) Ludwig van Beethoven
d) Bonnie Rait

What country is the Opera Madame Butterfly set in?
a) Korea
b) Vietnam
c) Japan
d) England

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