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These only eat plants
a) carnivores
b) omnivores
c) decomposers
d) herbivores

These eat only meat:
a) herbivores
b) omnivores
c) carnivores
d) producers

Only these can be producers:
a) plants
b) cows
c) people
d) manufacturing plants

This force makes work harder:
a) friction
b) gravity
c) pushes
d) pulls

To be considered a machine a tool must do all but one of the following:
a) make the work go faster
b) make the work easier
c) eliminate the need for human control
d) change the direction of the force

No machine is 100 percent efficient because some energy must be used to
a) balance the weight of the machine
b) overcome friction
c) to turn the machine off
d) overcome the speed of the machine

An inclined plane wrapped around a post
a) inclined plane
b) wedge
c) screw
d) pulley

A compound machine is
a) a machine with pulleys
b) machines with movable parts
c) no more than one machine doing the work
d) two or more simple machines working together

This tool reduces friction by making it easier for things to roll around
a) pulley
b) wheel and axel
c) lever
d) inclined plane

A gear is
a) an inclined plane
b) a wheel with a rope
c) part of a pulley
d) a wheel with teeth

A see saw is a
a) wedge
b) lever
c) pulley
d) inclined plane

This tool pushes things apart.
a) lever
b) pulley
c) wedge
d) screw

A knife is -
a) wheel and axle
b) a screw
c) an incline plane
d) a wedge

A rope and a wheel make a
a) pulley
b) a screw
c) swing
d) wheel and axel

A slide is
a) lever
b) wedge
c) inclined plane
d) screw

A machine is -
a) made of gears and wires
b) anything that helps you do work
c) runs on gas and oil
d) anything not alive

Work is-
a) something you get paid for
b) a job
c) a push or pull
d) moving something from one place to another

What is a force?
a) anything that helps you do work
b) a push or a pull
c) no moving parts
d) caused by friction

Producers get energy to make food from :
a) the moon
b) water
c) the sun
d) plants

Which of the following is an example of a wedge?
a) slide
b) bicycle
c) wheelbarrow
d) scissors

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