Music Appreciation Final Review CH 8 - CH9 Question Preview (ID: 28445)

Music Appreciation Final Review.[print questions]

Which famous Jazz Musician played on a bent trumpet ?
a) Louis Armstrong
b) Dizzy Gillespie
c) Charlie Parker
d) Thelonius Monk

Jazz Pianist Big Band leader Edward Kennedy Ellington was known by which nickname?
a) Dizzy
b) Duke
c) Jelly Roll
d) Bird

Louis Armstrong was famous for singing scat and playing this instrument?
a) Saxophone
b) Piano
c) Trumpet
d) Bass

Which one of the cities listed below was NOT a birthplace of jazz?
a) New York
b) Chicago
c) San Fransico
d) New Orleans

What do we call a form of vocal improvisation on nonsense syllables?
a) Fusion
b) Bebop
c) Swing
d) Scat

An instrumental piece written by George Gershwin that fuses Jazz with classical motifs.
a) Rhapsody in Blue
b) Symphony No. 9
c) Porgy and Bess
d) Fanfare for the Common Man

What revolutionary instrument was introduced in the 1960’s by Robert Moog?
a) Piano
b) Organ
c) Synthesizer
d) Harpsichord

Who is the prolific composer/lyrist that has written songs for over 300 singers and has had over 90 top 10 hits in her career?
a) Libby Larsen
b) Diane Warren
c) Bess
d) Ira Gerhwin

The craft of putting together sounds to create a musical work.
a) Fanfare
b) Conducting
c) Composing
d) Arranging

Who could be called the father of American orchestral music?
a) Aaron Copland
b) George Gershwin
c) Giacomo Puccini
d) Ludwig vanBeethoven

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