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When does this story take place?
a) Christmas Eve
b) Christmas
c) Thanksgiving
d) New Year's Eve

Who is the protagonist?
a) Lennie Small
b) Jim and Della
c) George Pratt
d) The stranger

What does George wish for?
a) more wishes
b) that he had never been born
c) a new car
d) a new life

What impact did George have on Hank Biddle?
a) George crashed into Hank's tree.
b) Hank and George both applied for the same job at the bank, but Hank didn't get it.
c) He saved Hank from drowning.
d) He prevented Hank from marrying Mary.

After having his wish granted, George hears that Marty Jenkins got the job at the bank. What did Marty do?
a) Marty made the bank a national chain.
b) Marty stole $50,000 from it.
c) Marty killed several of the bank tellers.
d) Marty changed the name of the bank to the Marty Jenkins Bank.

After having his wish granted, George sees that his wife is married to Art Jenkins. What is Art's problem?
a) He is a drug dealer.
b) He is a member of the mafia.
c) He is extremely depressed.
d) He is an alcoholic.

George visits his parents and finds out that his brother is dead. Why?
a) He had hit his brother with his car.
b) He hadn't been born, so he wasn't there to save him from drowning.
c) He hadn’t been born, so he hadn’t been there to save his brother from a fire.
d) He hadn’t been born, so he couldn’t save him from a serial killer.

How did George know that his wish had actually come true?
a) Mary said she saw a brush salesman who looked just like him.
b) He found a brush in the sofa cushions.
c) He saw his tombstone.
d) He saw a newspaper article about his disappearance.

What does the stranger give George so that doors aren’t slammed in his face?
a) a salesman's sample case
b) a doctor's satchel
c) money
d) candy

According to The Greatest Gift, what is the greatest gift of all?
a) love
b) life
c) money
d) Christmas

Why does the stranger grant George's wish?
a) so that he can see what impact he had on others
b) so that he'll stop whining
c) so that he can see that no one would miss him
d) to show him his awesome magical powers

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