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What are the reactants of Photosynthesis?
a) Glucose and Oxygen
b) ATP, Oxygen, and Sunlight
c) Sunlight, Carbon Dioxide, and Water
d) Water, Glucose and ATP

What are the products of Cellular Respiration
a) Sunlight, Carbon Dioxide, and Water
b) Water, Glucose, and Oxygen
c) Sunlight, Oxygen, and Glucose
d) ATP, Carbon Dioxide, and Water

Which molecule provides most of the energy used to drive chemical reactions in cells?
a) ATP
b) DNA
c) RNA

Photosynthesis is to chloroplasts as cellular respiration is to..
a) ribosome
b) nucleus
c) Lysosomes
d) Mitochondria

What is the production of glucose using light energy?
a) Cellular Respiration
b) Photosynthesis
c) Osmosis
d) Diffusion

Which of the following is NOT a stage of aerobic cellular respiration?
a) Fermentation
b) Krebs Cycle
c) Glycolysis
d) Electron Transport

What is a major difference between aerobic Cell Respiration and Fermentation?
a) Fermentation produces more ATP than aerobic respiration
b) Fermentation requires no oxygen
c) Aerobic Respiration occurs only in Prokaryotic cells
d) Cell respiration requires glucose.

Orchids were studied to determine if the amount of light affected the photosynthesis rate. Which of these was the independent variable in this study?
a) The rate of photosynthesis
b) The amount of light
c) The number of chloroplast per cell
d) The light intensity

The Calvin cycle also known as the light-independent reaction takes place in the
a) Stroma
b) Photosystems
c) Thylakoid Membranes
d) Chlorophyll molecules

During what stage of cellular respiration is the most ATP synthesized?
a) Fermentation
b) Glycolysis
c) Electron Transport Chain
d) Photosynthesis

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