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From the selection which type of animation have we learnt about today?
a) Flash
b) Pixar
c) Image
d) Cartoon

Which type of animation is used for titles of headings?
a) Slide Transitions
b) Text Animation
c) Image Animation
d) Game Animation

What is the animation called between slides?
a) Slide Changers
b) Slide Transitions
c) Slide New
d) Slide Movers

How many times is it best to spin animate a heading?
a) Five times
b) Just once
c) Twice
d) As many times as you can

Is it best to hand draw your animation lines or use preset ones?
a) Always hand draw your own animations
b) Always use preset animations
c) Don't animate anything
d) You can do either but presets can look neater

Which type of text animation should you try and avoid in the main body of your text?
a) Fly in
b) Faded Swivel
c) Diamond
d) Box

If I'm adding animation to several images on one slide what is it best to do?
a) Try and keep the animation the same or similar for consistancy
b) Use as many different types of animations as I can to impress Mr Keddie
c) Not use any animation as it distracts from the presentation
d) Just make it up as I go along

What type of speed should you always use?
a) The quickest possible
b) The slowest possible
c) It depends on the image and what is suitable for you purposere and presentation
d) I don't know

What does SOAP stand for?
a) Sense of Animations And Prospects
b) Bubbles
c) Serious Original Animation Presentations
d) Sense of Audience And Purpose

What is the purpose of animation?
a) To make the power point look crazy
b) To emphasise the message of your power point by making certain points stand out
c) To make things move for fun
d) To make the text as big as possible

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