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June follows a special diet that does not allow her to eat any milk products. This diet could be ___________.
a) vegan, lactose-free, or diabetic
b) lactose-free, vegan or ovo-vegitarian
c) kosher, lactose-free, or low sodium
d) diabetic, lacto-vegetarian, or low sodium

Mark want to lose some weight fast, so he decides to take some diurectics. Select the statement that BEST represents the result of this decision.
a) These pills will suppress Mark's appetite, causing him to eat less and lose weight.
b) This diet will help Mark lose weight, but he needs to be careful that his cholesterol does not go up
c) This diet strategy works well over a long period of time, but eventually will cause problems due to poor nutrition.
d) These pills will cause him to lose water weight and could cause dehydration or potassium deficiency

This type of fad diet requires long periods of time with no calorie intake. What type of fad diet would this MOST LIKELY be?
a) a liquid diet because there are many nutrients
b) a no-carb diet because there are no calories
c) a fasting diet becasue no calories are consumed
d) a surgical solution since no calories are absorbed

Individuals should participate in _______________ exercises to increase cardiovascular endurance.
a) progression
b) anaerobic
c) overload
d) aerobic

Which of the following is TRUE about heart rate and exercise?
a) It is best to exercise your heart as hard as possible
b) Maximum heart rate can be calculated by taking 220 minus your age.
c) You reccommended exercise heart rate is 30% of your maximum heart rate.
d) All are true statements

Suzanne is following a fad diet. She has started to experience low energy during her workouts, and on a recent trip to the doctor, she found out she has high cholesterol. Which fad diet is most likely following?
a) low carb diet
b) low fat diet
c) fasting
d) diuretics

Females who lift weights are not going to develop large, bulky muscles because ________________ .
a) they have more muscle fibers than men
b) they have thicker muscle fibers than men
c) they have lower testosterone levels than men
d) all are correct

Which of the following statements about weight training is TRUE?
a) Weight training diminishes flexability
b) Elderly people should avoid weight lifting
c) Weight training is harmful to adolescents
d) Everyone can benifit from lifting weights

If asked to give your friend advice about a muscular fitness program, the most accurate response would be that ....
a) a well-designed muscualr fitness program involves a dialy commitment to lift weights
b) the proper way to increase your muscular fitness is to work each muscle group one day a week with days of rest at the end of
c) a well-designed muscular fitness program involves a commitment to training at least 3 times a week, allowing for days of rest
d) the proper way to increase your muscular fitness is to work out every muscle each day of the week but to vary activities

During eccentric muscular contraction, the muscle ___________________ .
a) gets longer as it contracts
b) gets shorter as it contracts
c) moves isometriclly
d) does not change length

Shawana is trying to figure out the best weight to increase her muscular strength. She has chosen a weight and can lift it two times. What should she do to get the BEST workout?
a) decrease the amount of weight until she can do 10 reps
b) increase the amount of weight until she can do three reps
c) decrease the amount of weight until she can do 5 reps
d) increase the amount of weight until she can do one rep

The BEST weight to use for weight training in order to increase strength is one that ___________ .
a) is challenging but still allows for proper form
b) is heavy enough to quickly reach exhaustion
c) is light enough to prevent injury
d) fits comfortably into the palm of your hand

Which suggested change would cause the greatest increase in the amouont of overload in your weight training program?
a) adding more weight and increasing the distance over which the weight is moved
b) decreasing the weight and the speed at which the weight is moved
c) changing the type of activity you are using to gie you more variety in your workout
d) keeping your current workout but dividing it up over five days instead of three

What is the purpose of a fitness log?
a) to apply the FITT principle
b) to limit the amount of time spent on varying activities
c) to track and monitor progress
d) to increase personal interest in activities

An exercise program in MOST beneficial to one's health when done in conjunction with ________________.
a) a partner
b) patience
c) lifestyle changes
d) a positive attitude

Individuals need to adjust their physical activity to account for _____________ as they age.
a) reduced flexability
b) decreased energy level
c) a loss of balance
d) All are correct

What are the components of a successful weight lifting program?
a) conditioning, progression, generalization, overwork, balance, and recovery
b) overload, progression, specificity, regularity, recovery, balance, and variety
c) overwork, coordination, motivation, conditioning, regularity, and variety
d) consistancy, progression, rest, regression, balance, and specificity

What are the three components of the FITT acronym associated with overload and progression?
a) frequency, intensity, and type
b) time, frequency, and intesity
c) fitness, intensity, and time
d) type, intensity, and fitness

Many professionals, including police officers and firefighters, use fitness evaluations
a) to determine pay raises
b) to rank employees from most to least fit
c) as a criteria for hiring
d) to decide who should be fired

What are the three underlying training principles of effective work programs?
a) specificity, dedication, and enthrusiasm
b) overload, dedication, and enthusiasm
c) specificity, overload, and progression
d) progression, enthusiasm, and overload

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