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An object's resistance to a change in motion is referred to as its
a) inertia
b) mass
c) gravity
d) net force

The force of gravity on an object refer's to that objects...
a) weight
b) mass
c) volume
d) size

A velocity vector is an arrow that shows
a) direction and speed
b) speed and magnitude
c) direction and distance
d) magnitude and acceleration

Which of the following is a contact force?
a) air resistance while falling
b) two magnets being pushed apart
c) two magnets being pulled together
d) the moon orbiting Earth

The attractive force between all matter in the universe is known as
a) gravity
b) magnetism
c) centripetal force
d) motion

A track athlete is running the 100 meter dash. What other information do you need to calculate the runner's average speed?
a) the time it takes to run
b) the direction the runner is going
c) which lane the runner is in
d) how many steps it takes the runner

What does a steady, upward slope on a velocity vs. time graph represent?
a) an increase in velocity
b) constant velocity
c) a decrease in velocity
d) no motion

What does an upward, steady slope on a distance vs. time graph represent?
a) constant motion
b) no motion
c) positive acceleration
d) negative acceleration

A change in position over time is ____________________.
a) motion
b) direction
c) vector
d) reference point

When an object follows a curved path around another object, we say that it is in _________________.
a) orbit
b) rotation
c) gravity
d) average speed

Force over an area is
a) pressure
b) net force
c) balanced forces
d) unbalanced forces

Aurora lights are evidence of
a) Earth's magnetic field
b) tides
c) the moon's orbit around Earth
d) Earth's orbit around the sun

What is net force?
a) the combination of all forces acting on an object
b) balanced forces
c) unbalanced forces
d) an object's change in position over time

What force is responsible for making aircraft carriers float?
a) buoyant force
b) balanced forces
c) gravity
d) magnetism

Which results in the change of an object's motion?
a) unbalanced force
b) balanced force
c) net force of zero
d) mass and distance

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