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A subarctic climate has what kind of seasons?
a) Short cool summers and long cold winters
b) Short warm summers and long cold winters
c) Long cool summers and long cold winters
d) Long warm summers and long cold winters

Vegetation is also used to classify climates by which system?
a) Koppen Climate System
b) Nesvik Climate System
c) Scientist Climate System
d) Regular Climate System

A continental climate is usually far away from a
a) ocean.
b) small lake.
c) creek.
d) river.

What does NOT give us data from past climates?
a) Thickness of rock layers
b) Tree rings
c) Ice cores
d) Pollen

What is based on precipitation and temperature?
a) Climate
b) Weather
c) Climate Zones
d) Climate Regions

Which gas has increased over the past 200 years?
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) Hydrogen
d) Helium

Changes in Earth's orbit and tilt of the axis is linked to what?
a) ice ages
b) global warming
c) severe storms
d) heavy precipitation

The sun's rays at the poles are what?
a) Not direct
b) direct
c) very bright
d) very strong

The tundra climate contains what?
a) Permafrost and mosses
b) Pine trees
c) Short grasses and plains
d) Crops and trees

The number of sunspots on the sun may affect what?
a) Climate changes
b) Radiation
c) Solar Winds
d) Storms

What is global warming?
a) The gradual increase in temperature of the atmosphere
b) The gradual decrease in temperature of the atmosphere
c) The increase in the melting of the polar ice caps
d) The increase in the amount of water on the planet

The leeward side of the mountain is what?
a) The side that is in the rain shadow
b) The side that gets a lot of precipitation
c) The side that has lots of vegetation
d) The side that has lots of villages

Prevailing winds and mountains both affect an area's what?
a) precipitation
b) temperature
c) vegetation
d) wild life

Which climate has cold winters?
a) Temperate continental
b) Temperate marine
c) Dry
d) Highlands

What makes temperatures of nearby land more extreme?
a) Oceans
b) Wind
c) Waterfalls
d) Mountains

The climates where precipitation is less than evaporation is called what?
a) Arid or semiarid
b) Dry
c) Tropical Continental
d) Humid Continental

Organisms's ancestors need a climate ____________ to our climate of today.
a) similar
b) different
c) varied
d) has more oxygen

Which climate region has extreme temperatures, changing weather (hot humid summers and cold winters)?
a) Temperate continental
b) Temperate marine
c) Tropical Rainy
d) Highlands

Which side of the mountain receives more precipitation?
a) windward side
b) leeward side
c) the east side
d) the west side

What are two solutions and two effects of global warming?
a) Solutions: Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and using energy-efficient habits Effects: Melting glaciers and rising sea level
b) Solutions: Melting glaciers and rising sea level Effect: Reducing carbon dioxide emissions
c) Effects: Warming Earth and energy efficient technology Solutions: Using renewable energy and melting glaciers
d) Solutions: greater droughts and Effects: Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

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