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Due to its manufacturing and industry, Germany faces the environmental issue of
a) a nuclear disaster.
b) deforestation.
c) acid rain.
d) desertification.

One of the greatest impacts of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster was
a) the destruction of the entire town of Chernobyl.
b) how plants grew better in the years following the accident.
c) the Cold War.
d) the lasting health effects like cancer and radiation poisoning.

How did the Treaty of Versailles lead to the rise of Nazi power in Germany?
a) It allowed Germany to regain territory it lost during WWI.
b) It blamed Austria-Hungary for WWI.
c) It improved Germany's economy.
d) Hitler blamed the treaty for Germany's problems and promised to fix the broken country.

WWI included
a) nuclear bombs.
b) new weapons like tanks, submarines, airplanes, poison gas, machine guns, and trench warfare.
c) the Holocaust.
d) a time of tension between the USA and Soviet Union.

Which of the following is a mountain range in eastern Europe that borders Russia?
a) the Alps
b) the Pyrenees
c) Ural Mountains
d) Appalachain Mountains

Which European nation led the way for exploration in the late 1400s; Prince Henry helped sponsor expeditions along the coast of Africa.
a) Spain
b) the Netherlands
c) France
d) Portugal

Which nation colonized both Canada and Australia?
a) France
b) Great Britain
c) Spain
d) Portugal

What is literacy rate?
a) All the wealth a nation earns in a year.
b) How well people are living.
c) The percentage of people over the age of 15 who can read and write.
d) A type of trade barrier.

In which form of government does the central government have more power than smaller, regional governments?
a) unitary system
b) federal system
c) democracy
d) confederation

Which river is located on the border between France and Germany?
a) the Volga
b) the Danube
c) the Sienne
d) the Rhine

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