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Final Exam Review.[print questions]

In Germany, power is shared between the central government and smaller, regional governments. This is called a
a) parliamentary democracy.
b) presidential democracy.
c) federal system.
d) unitary system.

Which of the following is an example of a trade barrier?
a) tariff
b) autocracy
c) literacy rate
d) entreprenuer

One of the biggest reasons we know the Portuguese colonized Brazil is
a) the people there visit Portugal often.
b) the many fossils and artifacts found in Brazil.
c) Columbus wrote about his travels to Brazil.
d) the official language is Portuguese and many people are Catholic.

Which of the following physical features is located in northern Italy?
a) the Alps
b) Mediterranean Sea
c) the Pyrenees
d) the English Channel

The German economy is mostly based on
a) agriculture.
b) chemical production and car manufacturing.
c) mining for diamonds.
d) tourism.

Another word for a quota is
a) limit.
b) tax.
c) embargo.
d) entrepreneur.

Three main reasons for the start of WWI are
a) God, gold, and glory.
b) the assassination, militarism, and alliances.
c) worldwide depression, the rise of Hitler, and the Holocaust.
d) a trade route to Europe, slavery, and imperialism.

Which country is located in eastern Europe and Asia? It is very large and the climate is cold.
a) United Kingdom
b) Germany
c) Italy
d) Russia

In Russia, the people vote for their leader directly. This is called a
a) parliamentary democracy.
b) presidential democracy.
c) autocracy.
d) oligarchy.

Most people in the United Kingdom live
a) in cities and work in services like banking.
b) on farms and grow olives and grapes.
c) in the mountains.
d) on boats in the water.

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