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What is the pH of water?
a) 8
b) 1
c) 7
d) 10

What is the difference between an acid and a base?
a) pH of acid is 17; pH of base is 21
b) a base has a pH of less than 7; pH of acid is greater than 7
c) a base is the same thing as an acid
d) pH of acid is less than 7' pH of base is greater than 7

How do plants decrease soil erosion?
a) plants actually increase soil erosion
b) root systems hold soils in place
c) plants multiply quickly and this regeneration decreases soil erosion because there are always so many plants available
d) plants reduce the force of gravity

Two critical limiting factors in any biome are
a) temperature and latitude
b) latitude and sunlight
c) latitude and temperature
d) temperature and precipitation

Which of the following would be considered an invasive plant in Union County?
a) soybeans
b) kudzu
c) fescue grass
d) yucca plants

Which of the following would be considered an invasive animal species in Union County?
a) cardinal
b) white tail deer
c) gray squirrel
d) zebra mussel

Why is there less biomass at the top of a food web?
a) No energy transfer is 100%; with each transfer 90% or more is lost therefore less biomass is at the top of the food web
b) Energy transfers are are 100% complete; therefore, biomass concentrates lower on a food web
c) There are too many animals and not enough plants in the food web
d) There is more biomass at the top of the food web

A primary reason that sinkholes form is because
a) limestone weathers quickly into calcium carbonate
b) volcanic eruptions
c) groundwater erodes the soil from the bottom up and there is nothing holding the land in place
d) salt water intrusion

In our power grid over 48% of electric power comes from _________.
a) nuclear energy
b) coal
c) hydroelectric
d) wind power

Solar power is gaining acceptance because
a) the Sun provides an inexhaustible energy source
b) the Sun'e energy can be stored
c) Solar power is far less expensive than traditional electric power sources
d) NC offers tax incentives

Which of the following contains the five primary land biomes
a) tundra, deserts, taiga, chapparal, mid-latitude moist climates
b) tundra, taiga, forests, grasslands, deserts
c) coral reef, tundra, taiga, forests, grasslands
d) grasslands, savanas, steppes, taiga, deserts

Which of the following is considered the largest class of water pollutants
a) sediments
b) agricultural chemical runoff
c) fish kills
d) thermal pollution

Why is wave energy from the ocean or tides considered a renewable energy resource?
a) Ocean wave energy is renewable but tidal wave energy is not renewable
b) neither ocean waves nor tidal wave energy are able to be harvested with regularity
c) both ocean waves and tidal waves are kinetic energy that occurs in predictable cycles
d) ocean and tidal wave energy are capable of being only a nonrenewable energy resource as they can only be harvested once

Burning of coal and crude oil emit ____________ ________.
a) carbon dioxide
b) carbon monoxide
c) chlorofluorocarbons
d) carbonic acid

Carbon dioxide + water yield _________ _______ a common form of acid rain.
a) sulfuric acid
b) carbonic acid
c) nitric acid
d) calcium carbonate

How might overfishing lead to the extinction of certain fish species?
a) Overfishing is a fallacy; it is a simple practice to replenish fish species
b) El Nino causes fish to starve due to a lack of upwelling
c) commercial fishermen use nets to capture many fish that are not able to be used
d) commercial fishermen use long line fishing to capture only selected fish species

Sustainable agricultural practices are important in the 21st century because
a) we must have enough food for over 7 billion people to eat but protect earth's resources at the same time
b) only Americans are concerned with sustainable agricultural practices which has led to severe political distress
c) Slash and burn and clear cutting of forests have allowed developing countries more land area in which to grow crops
d) Aquaponics and aquaculture are sustainable agricultural practices that can alone, feed the 7 billion people of the world

What are three greenhouse gases?
a) methane, water vapor, sulfuric acid
b) methane, water vapor, stratospheric ozone
c) water vapor, nitrogen dioxide, mercury
d) methane, water vapor, carbon dioxide

Which of the following can reduce the volume of water your family uses?
a) Run multiple loads of laundry daily
b) Turn water off while brushing your teeth
c) Take extended showers
d) Wash your car at home rather than going to a car wash that uses gray water such as Autobell

You can reduce your electric power bill by
a) keeping thermostat set to 68 degrees F during winter months
b) keep lights on at all times
c) never using power strips
d) open windows while running the air conditioning

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