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Being part of the communion of saints, who do we journey with?
a) Everyone, living and dead.
b) No one. We are alone.
c) Only with people we like.
d) People who are alive.

When we sing the "litany of saints" at Baptisms we are remembering that the saints are where?
a) present with us
b) vacationing
c) in the clouds
d) in Florida

"Tony, Tony, please come 'round. Something's lost that can't be found." refers to which Saint?
a) St. Anthony of Padua
b) St. Hubert
c) St. Andrew
d) St. Clare

St. Andrew (St. Peter's brother) is the patron Saint of what group of people?
a) fishermen
b) rocks
c) artists
d) siblings

St. Clare is the Patron Saint of Television. Why?
a) When she couldn't get out of bed, she could see Mass projected on the wall of her room.
b) She was St. Francis's buddy, and they watched TV when they were bored.
c) Her dream (which she never fulfilled) was to be on EWTN.(Eternal Word Television Network)
d) She was a couch potato.

St. Hubert saw a deer with a cross in it's antlers on Good Friday morning.He is the Patron Saint of whom?
a) hunters
b) early risers
c) people who don't go to church
d) animal lovers

St. Gabriel carried messages to people. He is the patron saint of whom?
a) mail carriers
b) weight lifters
c) people named Gabe
d) babies

When you pray with the Saints, you acknowledge what?
a) They are still alive and with us.
b) They are dead.
c) God will only listen to them.
d) God thinks they are better than you.

According to Jolene, what is the difference between a Saint and a saint?
a) Saints=named by the Church (St. Clare) and saints=people you think are in heaven.(grandma)
b) A typing error
c) One plays in New Orleans and the other is on God's team
d) Nothing

Are your dead relatives a part of you?
a) Yes, they are still alive, and can be present to us in a different ways.
b) Yes, we can call them back with the help of a psychic.
c) Yes, they come to us only in dreams.
d) No, they are dead.

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