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A revision or change to the U.S. Constitution is ______________.
a) an amendment
b) a deduction
c) a preamble
d) a revised edition

To suggest or to introduce are synonyms for ______________.
a) proposal
b) amendment
c) ratify
d) liberty

To approve is a synonym for _______.
a) ratify
b) propose
c) challenge
d) structure

What is the plan of government for the United States?
a) The U.S. Constitution
b) The Articles of Confederation
c) The Declaration of Independence
d) The Magna Carta

What is the first step when amending the U.S. Constitution?
a) 2/3 of Congress proposes amendments
b) 3/4 of Congress proposes amendments
c) 2/3 of Congress ratifies amendments
d) 3/4 of Congress ratifies amendments

What is the second step in the U.S. Constitution amendment process?
a) 3/4 of the states ratify the amendment
b) 2/3 of the states ratify the amendment
c) 2/3 of the states propose the amendment
d) 3/4 of the states propose the amendment

Who ratifies the amendments in the Virginia Amendment process?
a) the Virginia voters
b) Congress
c) General Assembly
d) Constitution

Which answer choice is false?
a) The U.S. Constitution has a weak central or national government
b) The U.S. Constitution describes the liberties the people have.
c) The U.S. Constitution explains the powers of the government.
d) The U.S. Constitution describes the structure of the government.

(2/3 of the General Assembly proposes and more than 50% of Virginia voters ratify) What would be the best title for this?
a) The Virginia Amendment Process
b) The U.S. Amendment Process
c) The Magna Carta
d) The Declaration of Indpendence

The way something is organized or made can be called its ___________.
a) structure
b) amendment
c) amend
d) constitution

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