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The craft of putting together sounds to create a musical work.
a) Composing
b) Fanfare
c) Conducting
d) Arranging

Who is the prolific composer/lyrist that has written songs for over 300 singers and has had over 90 top 10 hits in her career?
a) Libby Larson
b) Diane Warren
c) Bess
d) Ira Gershwin

An instrumental piece written by George Gershwin that fuses Jazz with classical motifs.
a) Porgy and Beses
b) Fanfare for the Common Man
c) Cannon in D
d) Rhapsody in Blue

What revolutionary instrument was introduced in the 1960’s by Robert Moog?
a) Electric Guitar
b) Piano
c) Synthesizer
d) Harpsicord

The type of singing that is taught to only a few select Tibetan monks because it is a skill that requires discipline and practice that integrates the power of mind, body, and speech.
a) Overtone
b) Chorale
c) Solo
d) A Capella

A ram’s horn that is sounded on high holy days at Jewish Synagogues.
a) Tambura
b) Digeridoo
c) Shofar
d) Mrdangam

What style of religious music is accompanied by tambourines, drums, and piano?
a) Chorale
b) Gospel
c) Qawwali
d) Theme and Variation

What is the low drone instrument native to Australia?
a) Mrdangam
b) Gamlean
c) Tambura
d) Digeridoo

What do we call a form of vocal improvisation on nonsense syllables?
a) Fusion
b) Bebop
c) Swing
d) Scat

Which one of the cities listed below is NOT a birthplace of Jazz?
a) New Orleans
b) New York
c) San Fransico
d) Chicago

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