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Which of the following is does NOT happen when a sedimentary rock forms?
a) sediment is carried to the water and sinks
b) sediment is pressed together by pressure
c) sediment is cemented together
d) sediment is carried to volcanoes by lava

What type of rock is sandstone
a) sedimentary
b) metamorphic
c) igneous
d) fine

Soil is NOT made of which of the following?
a) weathered rocks and minerals
b) decaying plants
c) decaying animals
d) magma

What is the breaking apart of rocks called?
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) gravity

What is a dormant volcano
a) a volcano that hasn't erupted in recent times
b) a volcano that erupts daily
c) a volcano that has explosive lava
d) a volcano that erupts water vapor/steam

Where are most faults?
a) in the stars
b) deep inside the Earth
c) Near the North and South poles
d) on state borders

What is another word for conserve?
a) save
b) deposition
c) erosion
d) weathering

Which of the following is NOT a natural resource?
a) petroleum
b) trees
c) natural gas
d) plastic

How can you conserve gasoline?
a) recycle homework papers
b) ride your bike--(GO JILL!!)
c) leave the lights on at home
d) leave the water running

What is the best type of soil for growing plants?
a) topsoil
b) clay
c) sandstone
d) gravel

Natural gas and petroleum are formed from
a) dead organisms and sediment
b) gas companies
c) rocks and minerals
d) old tires

Bryce Canyon was
a) hollowed out by weathering and erosion
b) hollowed out by running water
c) hollowed out by American Indians
d) people standing on the top, doing the Whip and Nae Nae

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