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What country did the Pilgrims flee from?
a) England
b) Italy
c) France
d) Spain

Why did the Pilgrims flee?
a) They wanted to worship God their own way.
b) They ran out of land.
c) They were kicked out of England.
d) They heard America was pretty.

What was the name of the ship they sailed on?
a) The Mayflower
b) The Santa Maria
c) The Nina
d) The Pinta

How many children were on the ship?
a) 34
b) 2
c) 26
d) 102

Where were the Pilgrims originally trying to land?
a) Northern Virginia
b) Washington DC
c) Plymouth Rock
d) Florida

Where did the Pilgrims end up at?
a) Plymouth Rock
b) Florida
c) Northern Virginia
d) Washington DC

Which did Squanto NOT help them do?
a) Taught them to build a hut.
b) Taught the Pilgrims how to grow corn.
c) Showed the Pilgrims how to hunt.
d) Taught them how to fish.

What day did the Pilgrims land?
a) December 11, 1620
b) December 11, 1920
c) December 11, 1820
d) December 11, 1720

Who declared the first Day of Thanksgiving for our country?
a) George Washington
b) George Bush
c) Congress
d) Abraham Lincoln

When do we celebrate Thanksgiving now?
a) The 4th Thursday in November.
b) The 1st Thursday in November
c) The first Thursday in December.
d) The last Thursday in November.

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