Chemical And Physical Properties Of Matter Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 284)

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If I say that two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom makes up water, what am I given you?
a) chemical property
b) physical change
c) chemical change
d) physical property

A peice of metal has been left out in the weather and begins to rust. What kind of change is this?
a) chemical property
b) chemical change
c) physical change
d) physical property

Which of these is an example of a physical property?
a) all of the above
b) the ice is cold
c) the chair is round
d) the desk is hard

Freezing, melting, boiling, and condensation are all examples of what?
a) physical change
b) chemical property
c) physical property
d) chemical change

The Northen lights are example of what phase of matter?
a) plasma
b) gas
c) liquid
d) solid

This phase can conduct electricity
a) plasma
b) liquid
c) solid
d) gas

The particles in this phase move very fast
a) gas
b) solid
c) liquid
d) plasma

If a piece of paper is folded has the mass been changed?
a) no because no matter has been added or taken.
b) yes because folding paper causes it to have more mass.
c) no because mass depends on the weight of the paper.
d) yes because you have changed the shape of the paper making it heavier.

The main difference between mass and weight is
a) mass stays the same in different locations and weight changes in different locations.
b) there is no difference mass and weight are the same thing.
c) mass deals with gravity and weight deals with matter.
d) mass changes on the moon and weight does not.

What phase has no definite shape or volume and does not conduct electricity?
a) gas
b) liquid
c) plasma
d) solid

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