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What is an urban heat island?
a) UHI is only caused by too many smokestacks
b) UHI is a city or metropolitan area that is warmer than the surrounding rural areas due to human activity
c) UHI occur because impervious surfaces alone hold heat from day to day
d) UHI occur because neighborhoods are too densely populated

The lower the barometric pressure the ________ intense the storm.
a) high
b) less
c) more
d) low

Why do impervious surfaces make flash floods more likely in densely populated cities?
a) Impervious surfaces cover soil which is then unable to absorb water
b) impervious surfaces provide soil cover which is able to absorb water
c) Impervious surfaces include asphalt which easily allows water to penetrate
d) Impervious surfaces have no influence on flash flood events

If there is a high pressure system on a weather map, what type of conditions might be expected?
a) stormy weather
b) rainy weather
c) gusty winds
d) dry weather

What is an example of an impervious surface?
a) clay soil
b) humus
c) asphalt
d) silty clay loam

What is a kilowatt-hour?
a) KWH is a measure of how many kilowatts of electricity are used per hour
b) It is the same thing as the film Kilowatt Ours
c) Can be used to figure out how much gasoline is used in your car
d) Is a critical part of the water utility statement

What weather is associated with a cold front?
a) a stationary front where neither warm nor cold front prevails
b) Sudden warming as the front passes, no winds, and prolonged rain
c) slow moving warmer air replaces cooler air at the surface
d) Sudden cooling as the front passes, gusty winds, and prolonged rain

What is the symbol of a stationary front?
a) alternate triangles on one side of a line and half circles on the other side of the line
b) alternate triangles and half circles on the same side of the line
c) half circles on one side of the line
d) triangles on one side of the line

What is a cyclonic storm?
a) thunderstorm
b) Saffir-Simpson
c) hurricane
d) blizzard

What is the weather impact of a cP air mass?
a) cold temperatures and much moisture
b) cold temperatures with little moisture
c) alternate warm and cold temperatures depending upon the season
d) cool temperatures with much moisture

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