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What is a piece of writing made up of paragraphs?
a) paragraph
b) thesis statement
c) composition
d) conclusion

What is the first paragraph called where the topic and main idea is given.
a) introduction
b) topic sentence
c) composition
d) hook

How many body paragraphs should you have in an essay?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3+
d) 0

What does NOT belong in a body paragraph?
a) thesis statement
b) topic sentence
c) supporting details
d) closing sentences

Which part of a composition includes a short summary of ideas and the writer's final thoughts?
a) introduction
b) body
c) conclusion
d) preface

Which of these is not true about a thesis statement?
a) It is an opinion that can be argued.
b) It is just a fact.
c) It is a complete sentence.
d) It gives the main idea of the essay.

Which type of note taking is where you put all the ideas into your own words?
a) paraphrasing
b) summarizing
c) quoting
d) elaborating

Which type of note taking is where you shorten the text and restate the big ideas in your own words?
a) summarizing
b) paraphrasing
c) quoting
d) describing

Which type of note should you use the most often?
a) paraphrasing
b) quoting
c) summarizing
d) plagiarizing

Which kind of note taking requires you to cite, or tell where you found the information?
a) summarizing
b) paraphrasing
c) quoting
d) all of them

What is NOT included in a citation?
a) parenthesis
b) author's last name (or title if not given)
c) page or paragraph number
d) date

Which is NOT something important to check for when looking for credible sources?
a) Is the author an expert?
b) Is the material current and up to date?
c) Is the information fair and unbiased?
d) Is the article written nearby?

Which is NOT a type of hook?
a) question
b) description of setting
c) joke / humor
d) abbreviations

What is the very last sentence of your entire essay called?
a) clincher
b) hook
c) attention grabber
d) closing sentence

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