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What word best describes the tone at the end?
a) appreciative
b) grim
c) festive
d) philosophical

Who are the interlopers in the end?
a) Ulrich's men
b) wolves
c) Ulrich and Georg
d) Georg's men

Why is the ending of the story surprising?
a) Ulrich laughs at the danger the two men face
b) The approaching figures are not what they appear to be
c) The feud will continue
d) The two men are trapped under a tree they both claim to own

What causes Ulrich to utter a cry of joy?
a) a draft of wine
b) Georg's offer of hospitality
c) the reconciliation with Georg
d) the figures hurrying toward them

How do Ulrich and Georg's feelings toward each other change during the story?
a) from hatred to friendship
b) from friendship to suspicion
c) from sympathy to hatred
d) from respect to disrespect

Georg's elaborate description of the two men's new life as friends might be regarded as ironic because...
a) the reversal is totally unexpected
b) nobody will believe their friendship is sincere
c) the friendship will not last
d) Georg is tricking Ulrich

Why does Ulrich stray from his foresters?
a) He hears footsteps
b) He wants to be alone to think about his problems
c) He doesn't want any witnesses
d) He is searching for a fallen tree

Why does Ulrich go into the woods?
a) He wants to reconcile his differences with Georg
b) He wants to find a fallen beech tree
c) He is hunting for wolves
d) He hopes to find Georg poaching

What is Ulrich's state of mind at the beginning of the story?
a) excited
b) upset
c) vengeful
d) relaxed

The main lesson of The Interlopers concerns the...
a) foolishness of petty quarrels
b) danger of the winter woods
c) excitement of hunting
d) benefits of friendship

Which word describes the steep, sheet woodlands?
a) precipitous
b) tropical
c) shady
d) parched

Which word describes the long problem that existed between the families?
a) precipitation
b) desperation
c) feud
d) condolence

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