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Which of the following is not true of fungi.
a) are autotrophs
b) are heterotrophs
c) mycologists are the scientist who study them
d) are non-vascular

The name of the structure that is made up of filaments that form the body of a fungus.
a) hyphae
b) filaments
c) mycelium
d) basidia

Fungi that get their nutrition from dead organisms are classified as
a) saprophytes
b) parasites
c) autotrophs
d) vascular

What is the club-shaped structure that produces spores for a club fungi called?
a) basidia
b) hyphae
c) filaments
d) mycelium

This club fungi is found growing on trees or rotting logs in groups of horizontal rows and they do not have gills.
a) shelf/bracket fungi
b) mushroom and toadstools
c) rusts
d) smuts

Named for the color of the spores they leave on hosts, this club fungi needs two hosts to complete its life cycle.
a) rusts
b) shelf/bracket fungi
c) mushroom and toadstools
d) smuts

Which of the following environmental factors does a bread mold NOT need to grow?
a) high pH
b) high humidity
c) warm temperatures
d) darkness

Potato blight caused the potato famine in Ireland, causing the death of about 1 million people. Which type of fungi is it?
a) parasitic mold
b) club fungi
c) smut
d) mildew

Which of the following is NOT a sac fungi?
a) lichen
b) yeast
c) mildew
d) slime mold

Which of the following is a symbiotic relationship of a fungus and an algae?
a) lichen
b) sac fungi
c) mold
d) club fungi

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