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What particles can matter be made of?
a) atoms
b) molecules
c) ions
d) all of the above

Substances change states depending on____________________
a) temperature
b) other conditions
c) temperature and other conditions
d) none of the above

How do particles in a solid move?
a) the move freely
b) they vibrate in place
c) they do not move at all
d) they are so fast we can not see them

The arrangement of particles determines _________________
a) which state of matter the substance is in
b) how fast they move
c) nothing

How are particles in a solid arranged?
a) very far apart
b) very close together
c) somewhat close
d) none of the above

How do particles in a liquid move?
a) they vibrate in place
b) they move about freely
c) they are extremely fast

Compared to a solid how are particles in a liquid arranged?
a) generally closer together than in a solid
b) the same
c) generally further apart than those in a solid

How are the particles in a gas arranged compared to those in a liquid?
a) further apart than those in a liquid
b) closer together than those in a liquid
c) the same

Compared to a liquid how do particles in a gas move?
a) much slower than a liquid
b) they move at the same pace
c) much faster than a liquid

Most state changes occur when______
a) there is a change in composition
b) there is a change in temperature

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