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Which of the following statements best describes alternation of generations?
a) Ability to perform asexual and sexual reproduction in 1 life cycle.
b) Ability to perform asexual reproduction in 1 life cycle.
c) Ability to perform sexual reproduction in 1 life cycle.
d) Ability to perform sexual and a sexua reproduction in 2 life cycles.

Leaves grown from stems of a fern from growing roots.
a) fronds
b) sori
c) spores
d) spornagia

Which stage of the life cycle of the fern is the sexual reproduction stage?
a) gametophyte
b) sporophyte
c) prothallus
d) sporangia

In the life cycle of a fern, what happens right after a spore develops into a prothallus (gametophyte)?
a) reproductive organs that produce the egg and sperm cells develop
b) sporangia form
c) spores disperse
d) Young fern (sporophyte) becomes reproductively mature

Which of the following is also known as ground pine because they look like mini pine trees?
a) club mosses
b) liverworts
c) ferns
d) horsetails

Which of the following is also known as scouring rushes because the silica found in its cells can polish metal.
a) horsetails
b) ferns
c) liverworts
d) club mosses

What are the hairlike structures that allow mosses to attach to its surroundings or soil.
a) rhizoids
b) spores
c) flagella
d) cilia

What is the scientific name botanist use to refer to mosses and liverworts?
a) bryophytes
b) angiosperms
c) gymnosperms
d) sporopytes

Accumulation of decayed plant materials in swamps and marshes are also called _________ bogs.
a) peat
b) swampy
c) liverwort
d) grass

What type of reproduction does moss use?
a) alternation of generations
b) asexual only
c) sexual only
d) none because it can't reproduce

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