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Which of the following trees in known as one of the tallest trees in the world?
a) coast redwood
b) bristlecone
c) pine
d) oak

Cones produced by conifers that contain the cells to be fertilized by pollen are called ____ cones.
a) ovulate
b) staminate
c) aril
d) pistillate

Which of the following are designed to survive harsh climates?
a) conifers
b) angiosperms
c) fruits
d) grasses

Pollen producing cones produced by conifers are called _______ cones.
a) staminate
b) ovulate
c) pistillate
d) aril

Whats oriental gymnosperm is characterized by two-lobed, fan-shaped leaves?
a) ginkgo
b) bunya-bunya
c) kauri
d) cycad

What are unusual gymnosperms that resemble palm trees?
a) cycads
b) redwoods
c) ginkgoes
d) bunya-bunya

Which groups includes pines, spruces, firs, cedars, and redwoods?
a) conifers
b) angiosperms
c) cycads
d) nonvascular plant

Ovulate cones are ___________ in size compared to staminate cones.
a) larger
b) smaller
c) about the same
d) microscopic

All nonflowering plants that produce seeds not covered by the walles of an ovary.
a) gymnosperms
b) angiosperms
c) producers
d) consumers

Which of the following are nonvascular plants?
a) liverworts
b) cycads
c) conifers
d) ferns

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