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The classification of matter as a solid, a liquid, or a gas
a) physical state
b) magnetism
c) solubility
d) matter

The characteristic of matter to sink or float in water
a) solubility
b) magnetism
c) relative density
d) freezing

Measurement of the ability of a solid to dissolve in a liquid
a) magnetism
b) evaporation
c) insulator
d) solubility

Allows electric current or heat energy to flow through easily
a) insulator
b) conductor
c) solution
d) matter

Temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas (100 degrees Celcius for water)
a) boiling point
b) freezing point
c) evaporation
d) condensation

Slows down or stops electric current or heat energy from flowing
a) solution
b) solubility
c) insulator
d) conductor

A combination of two or more substances where each keep their own properties
a) solution
b) mass
c) mixture
d) solid

Temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a solid (0 degrees Celcius for water)
a) evaporation
b) boiling point
c) solubility
d) freezing point

A mixture of one substance dissolved evenly in another
a) solution
b) insulator
c) physical state
d) magnetism

Anything that has mass an takes up space
a) conductor
b) matter
c) mixture
d) magnet

The amount of matter in an object
a) liquid
b) magnetism
c) mass
d) weight

The property of attraction to a magnet
a) solubility
b) relative density
c) physical state
d) magnetism

What happens to salt grains when they dissolve in water?
a) they dissappear
b) the grains get higher in temperature until they melt into a liquid
c) they get smaller in size until they can no longer be seen
d) they change their chemicals to become water

How would you separate a mixture of iron filings and pepper?
a) funnel
b) filter paper
c) magnet
d) screen

Describe the particles in a liquid
a) takes the shape of its container
b) they cannot be weighed on a scale
c) the particles are tightly packed together
d) they have the most energy of all phases of matter

If the temperature of the water is 37 degrees Celcius, how many more degrees does it need to cool to reach freezing?
a) 5 degrees
b) 63 degrees
c) 37 degrees
d) 0 degrees

How would you separate a mixture of sand and sea shells?
a) magnet
b) boiling
c) screen
d) filter paper

How would you separate a mixture of salt and water?
a) filter paper
b) evaporation
c) funnel
d) you cannot separate the two

Matter that has a definite volume but no definite shape is
a) freezing
b) gas
c) liquid
d) volume

A mixture that has the same composition throughout is
a) a solution
b) temperature
c) solubility
d) volume

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