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How long does it take Earth to rotate on its axis?
a) 1 day
b) 1 week
c) 1 month
d) 1 year

What is the movement of Earth around the Sun?
a) axis
b) inertia
c) revolution
d) rotation

When Earth's axis is pointing toward the sun, what season is it in the Northern Hemisphere?
a) fall
b) spring
c) summer
d) winter

How long does it take for Earth to make one revolution?
a) 1 day
b) 30 days
c) 127 days
d) 365 days

What causes Earth to experience seasons?
a) the Earth's size and shape
b) the Earth's rotation about its axis
c) the Earth's revolution around the sun
d) the tilt of Earth's axis and revolution

What causes night and day to occur on Earth?
a) the Earth's axis is tilted
b) the Earth revolves on its axis
c) the Earth rotates on its axis
d) the Earth revolves around the Sun

What causes the Moon to shine?
a) reflection of Earth's light
b) reflection of the Sun's light
c) the Moon's hot surface
d) the Moon's atmosphere

What causes different stars to appear in the sky at various times of the year?
a) the tilt of Earth's axis
b) he distance of Earth from the Sun
c) the motion of the Moon around Earth
d) the revolution of Earth around the Sun

Tonight is a full moon. What will the moon look like one week from tonight?
a) first quarter
b) full moon
c) new moon
d) third quarter

During which events do the Sun's rays strike the Earth directly at the northernmost and southernmost points?
a) solar eclipses
b) spring and fall equinoxes
c) lunar eclipses
d) winter and summer solstices

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