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These roots contain a large central root with little branching. An example would be a carrot.
a) taproot
b) fibrous root
c) primary root
d) adventitious roots

This is the region where water is stored in the root.
a) cortex
b) epidermis
c) stele
d) vascular cylinder

The vascular cylinder in the root containing the xylem and root is also called the
a) stele
b) cortex
c) epidermis
d) pith

The main growing region of a root for primary growth
a) apical meristem
b) root cap
c) lateral roots
d) cell membrane

The tip of root with several tough cells for protection while pushing through soil
a) root cap
b) apical meristem
c) lateral roots
d) cell membrane

The __________________ forms under the epidermis for secondary growth
a) cork cambium
b) vascular cambium
c) lateral roots
d) apical meristem

This layer of meristematic tissue is found between the xylem and phloem in the root
a) vascular cambium
b) cork cambium
c) lateral roots
d) apical meristem

The osmotic force that transfers water upwards
a) root pressure
b) evaporation
c) xylem pressure
d) diffuse pressure

These develop branching off from a central root such as a taproot
a) lateral roots
b) primary roots
c) apical roots
d) claw roots

Which of the following is not a main function of a root?
a) reproduction
b) anchoring the plant
c) absorbing nutrients, minerals, water
d) storing food

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