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This tissue in herbaceous stems contains vascular bundles
a) cortex
b) pith
c) epidermis
d) rind

The vascular cambium in an herbaceous stem is found
a) between the xylem and phloem
b) between cork and epidermis
c) between pith and cortex
d) between xylem and cork

Vascular bundles in an herbaceous stem contain xylem pointing
a) towards center of stem
b) towards outside of stem
c) upwards
d) downwards

Which of the following is not a characteristic of herbaceous stems?
a) contain secondary growth
b) vitally important to man
c) usually live for one growing season
d) contain soft tissues

This is the outer covering of a monocot stem that contains silicon and is hard
a) rind
b) husk
c) endosperm
d) vascular bundle

This vegetative propagation transplants living tissue from one plant to another
a) grafting
b) budding
c) tissue culturing
d) cutting

This vegetative propagation uses seedlings produced from individual plant cells grown in a laboratory
a) tissue culturing
b) cutting
c) adventitious roots
d) budding

This special stem is used to store food
a) bulb
b) rhizomes
c) stolon
d) tuber

This special stem grows quickly along the surface of the ground to produce new plants where a node touches.
a) stolons
b) bulb
c) rhizomes
d) tuber

This special stem grows underground and provides plants with food storage and means of reproduction. An example would be the sweet potato.
a) tuber
b) bulb
c) rhizomes
d) stolon

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