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Trees that have strong lateral buds with branches close to the ground such as elms, willows, cottonwoods have this type of branching
a) spreading
b) spirelike
c) lateral
d) apical

Trees that have a large central shaft such as pines, firs, hemlocks have this type of branching
a) spirelike
b) spreading
c) lateral
d) apical

These indicate passage point of vascular tissue from the stem to the petiole of the leaf
a) bundle scars
b) bud scale scars
c) leaf scars
d) internodes

1 leaf attached to a stem node indicates this pattern
a) alternate
b) whorled
c) opposite
d) rosette

These rings tell you the age of a stem
a) bud scale scars
b) vascular bundle scars
c) leaf scars
d) internodes

These protect a bud in the winter from frost and drying out
a) bud scales
b) lenticels
c) nodes
d) leaf scars

Which structure allows stems to grow in length?
a) terminal buds
b) nodes
c) apical buds
d) lateral buds

Which structure allows the stem to grow from the sides of the main stem?
a) lateral buds
b) terminal buds
c) nodes
d) axillary buds

Small openings in the bark that allow air to enter the stem
a) lenticels
b) terminal buds
c) bud scale
d) leaf scar

Which of the following is not a function of a stem?
a) reproduction
b) support leaves
c) conduct materials to parts of plant
d) contains vascular tissue

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