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Explain how a refrigerator works:
a) Prepare a short written answer
b) Step 1: Liquid refrigerant is under pressure
c) Step 2: flows through a valve, lower pressure causes it to expand
d) Step 3: turned into a gas, repeat

One of the earliest ways to tell time was:
a) Sundail
b) Waterclock
c) Obelisk
d) all of the above

What are some of the problems that had to be solved before a useful sewing machine could be invented?
a) Prepare a short written answer.
b) Think about the needle going through the fabric and where the eye is placed.

The main reason refrigerators were invented
a) preserve food
b) make food taste better
c) eat food
d) cook food

Refrigeration if the removal of:
a) heat
b) cold
c) food
d) bacteria

Refrigeration requires a substance to change
a) state
b) matter
c) density
d) altitude

Accurate clocks were needed for:
a) Navigation
b) Trains
c) Planes
d) All of the above

Modern Appliances are designed to save
a) Time and Effort
b) Money and Effort
c) Time and Money
d) none of the above

This must be removed from a light bulb to prevent burning of the filament:
a) Oxygen
b) Helium
c) Hydrogen
d) Carbon Dioxide

In a washing machine this force helps remove water from clothes:
a) Centripetal force
b) Tensile strength
c) net force
d) boyancy

What are three types of lightbulbs
a) Incandescent
b) Halogen, Flourescent
c) LED
d) All of the above

Who invented the incandescent light bulb?
a) Thomas Edison
b) Thomas Watt
c) James Watt
d) James Edison

How does centripetal force work?
a) Prepare a short written answer
b) Remember the experiment we did with the wash cloth.

Why is the pendulum an important part of a accurate clock?
a) Prepare a short written answer.
b) Tick- tock
c) Accurate

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