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These are dry fruits consisting of a seed and a hard covering.
a) nuts
b) grains
c) samaras
d) achenes

Maples and elms produce these seeds that have a winglike structure
a) samaras
b) achenes
c) nuts
d) grains

Peas are not fleshy or juicy but are found in pods containing several seeds. This is called a
a) legume
b) drupe
c) achenes
d) grain

Apples have an outer fleshy layer but an inner paper core. This is called a
a) pome
b) achenes
c) berry
d) samara

Cherries are fleshy but have an inner woody layer called a stone. This is called a
a) drupe
b) berry
c) pome
d) nut

A cucumber is an example of a fruit that is fleshy throughout. This is called a
a) berry
b) pome
c) samara
d) drupe

A strawberry is an example of what type of fruit?
a) aggregate
b) multiple
c) simple
d) complex

These fruits from on a flower with only one pistil
a) simple
b) aggregate
c) multiple
d) complex

These fruits form on one flower with several pistils
a) aggregate
b) simple
c) multiple
d) complex

Fruits from the grass family, such as barley, oats, rye, rice, require milling to remove shells. These are called
a) grains
b) drupes
c) legumes
d) pomes

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