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This process forms fruits when pollen fuses with ovaries
a) fertilization
b) self-pollination
c) cross-pollination
d) germination

This process involves the transfer of pollen from an anther to the stigma of a pistil
a) pollination
b) fertilization
c) germination
d) formation of fruit

If only 1 plant is involved in the pollination process, it is known as
a) self-pollination
b) cross-pollination
c) multiple-pollination
d) interior-pollination

Which of the following is not an example of a helper in cross-pollination?
a) airplanes
b) insects
c) birds
d) wind

These are created by cross-pollinating between 2 species of the same plant.
a) hybrids
b) purebred
c) thoroughbred
d) homogeneous

The sweet tasting liquid that attracts pollinating insects, birds, etc.
a) nectar
b) sap
c) water
d) pollen

An allergy to pollen
a) Hay fever
b) pharyngitis
c) laryngitis
d) sinusitis

During fertilization, the sperm and egg fuse in the _________ to produce seeds.
a) ovule
b) style
c) pollen tube
d) micropyle

2 sperms are needed for reproduction. This is known as
a) double fertilization
b) single fertilization
c) multiple fertilization
d) binary fertilization

The sperm and egg cells are known as
a) gametes
b) zygotes
c) micropyles
d) molar nuclei

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