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What is the primary purpose of flowers?
a) reproduction/seed dispersal
b) producing food
c) structural support
d) decoration

These agricultural technicians specialize in growing flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs
a) horticulturalists
b) entomologists
c) zoologists
d) ecologists

This flower part produces pollen
a) anther
b) filament
c) stigma
d) style

This is the flower stalk, a special stem that holds the flower
a) pedicel
b) receptacle
c) sepal
d) stamen

These are leaf-like structures that usually protect petals and are attached to the edge of the receptacle
a) sepals
b) stamen
c) petal
d) corolla

These are elongated, vase-shaped structure of a flower that contains the stigma, style and ovary
a) pistil
b) stamen
c) filament
d) anther

If a flower lacks one or more of the four basic flower parts it is known as a(n)
a) incomplete flower
b) complete flower
c) staminate
d) pistillate

Male flowers.
a) staminate
b) pistillate
c) complete flower
d) incomplete flower

These plants require separate plants to produce staminate or pistillate flowers such as hollies, willows, poplars.
a) dioecious
b) monoecious
c) inflorescences
d) florescences

Which of the following is not a major factor that affects flowers
a) moonlight
b) temperature
c) length of day and night
d) soil fertility

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