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Health effects of stress can result in all of the following EXCEPT:
a) weight loss or weight gain
b) headache and nausea
c) lower blood pressure and chills
d) upset stomach and or other illness

Which of the following is NOT a healthy coping strategy?
a) admitting your emotions
b) being honest with yourself
c) releasing your energy in positive ways
d) reacting quickly to frustrating experiences

Which statement is NOT true about emotional stress?
a) Emotional stress can be caused by positive events.
b) Emotional stress will disappear if you ignore it.
c) Emotional stress can be caused by negative events.
d) Emotional stress can make an individual physically ill.

Which of the following is the BEST way of staying objective when dealing with an emotional person?
a) become emotional also
b) insult their personality
c) compare their problems with others
d) listen carefully

Healthy behaviors include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) eating well
b) avoiding dangerous substances
c) agreeing with everything and everyone
d) getting sleep

Which of the following is NOT an important component of planning ahead?
a) figuring out necessary steps
b) setting plausible limits
c) constructing an inflexible plan
d) deciding what you want to accomplish

Which of the following is NOT considered a negative way to cope with stress?
a) seeking support
b) smoking and using substances
c) over- or undereating
d) lashing out at others

Which of the following is NOT a way to redirect your energy?
a) engaging in physical exercise
b) working on a creative project
c) participating in something you enjoy
d) obsessing about the problem

Which of the following coping strategies involves having a positive attitude?
a) obsessing about possible problems
b) exercising often
c) accepting that some things are uncontrollable
d) procrastinating on projects

Talking with a trusted person about what stresses you is an example of what type of coping strategy?
a) expressing oneself
b) redirecting energy
c) seeking support
d) both A and C

Reading and gazing at the stars are two ways to __________.
a) relax
b) express yourself
c) increase confidence
d) seek support

Which of the following scenarios represents a safe situation for the child?
a) A child gets yelled at by parents and blamed for things he did not do, but they never lay a finger on him.
b) A parent constantly protects a child during the other parent's mood swings and aggression.
c) Parents occasionally argue after the child is in bed, but it's not frequent nor does it happen in front of the child.
d) all of the above

A group of people who force other people to hurt or humiliate themselves as initiation into their group is committing which of the following acts of violence?
a) bullying
b) hazing
c) domestic violence
d) none of the above

Which of the following is an important step in the process of conflict resolution?
a) defining the problem and proposing a solution
b) requiring all participants to adopt your viewpoint
c) agreeing only with your own values
d) none of the above

In general, which is NOT critical to understanding how to communicate effectively
a) active listening
b) verbal and nonverbal communication
c) communicating 4 to 5 times per day
d) communication styles

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