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Which problem did George Washington encounter when he became president?
a) Southern states were threatening to secede from the Union.
b) The United States had large debts from the American Revolution.
c) Great Britain was refusing to trade with the United States.
d) The Articles of Confederation needed to be replaced with a stronger constitution.

British colonists objected to the Proclamation of 1763 because
a) feared it would provoke attacks from American Indians
b) did not want to share control of the fur trade with France
c) resented the limits it imposed on westward expansion
d) wanted to be able to trade freely with foreign nations

Which principle of the Constitution does the term consent of the governed refer to?
a) Separation of Powers
b) Federalism
c) Limited Government
d) Popular Sovereignty

What was one way the Cherokees tried to keep their land from being taken away by President Jackson?
a) The Cherokee Nation challenged Georgia’s anti-Cherokee laws before the U.S. Supreme Court.
b) Georgia asked the federal government for funds to purchase Cherokee land.
c) The Cherokee Nation asked President Andrew Jackson to negotiate with Georgia.
d) Georgia offered to grant U.S. citizenship to the Cherokees.

When citizens report for jury duty, they are helping uphold a constitutional right guaranteed by the —
a) First Amendment
b) Second Amendment
c) Sixth Amendment
d) Ninth Amendment

18 Which colony was known for being a refuge for Catholics to escape religious persecution?
a) New York
b) Pennsylvania
c) Georgia
d) Maryland

In the 1700s, thousands of Quakers came to the United States seeking to escape what?
a) Civil War
b) Religious Persecution
c) The war of 1812
d) Smallpox

How did geography influence the early economic development of New York, Boston, and Charleston?
a) Long coastlines offered abundant natural resources.
b) Proximity to flooding rivers limited development.
c) Natural harbors provided access to markets.
d) Extreme climates limited productive activity.

One major advantage of Limited Government is that it –
a) Prevents state governments from establishing treaties with foreign countries.
b) Allows leaders to be independent of all political parties.
c) Empowers the national government to enforce laws passed by Congress.
d) Requires politicians to follow the same laws as all other citizens.

Which precedent was established by the Supreme Court ruling in Marbury v. Madison?
a) The federal government has the power to regulate trade among the states.
b) State governments lack the authority to regulate federal bureaus.
c) Federal courts determine the constitutionality of a law.
d) State courts lack the authority to hear cases challenging federal law.

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