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The name for flowering seed plants, which produce seeds that are covered by fruits
a) angiosperms
b) gymnosperms
c) non-vascular
d) conifers

This type of flower consists of disk flowers and ray flowers making up the sunflower family
a) composite
b) lily
c) pea
d) cashew

The legume family is associated with which cycle?
a) nitrogen cycle
b) hydrogen cycle
c) carbon cycle
d) oxygen cycle

Plant family to which poison sumac, poison ivy, and poison oak belong.
a) cashew family
b) parsley family
c) mustard family
d) grass family

These grow on the roots of legumes in order to help convert nitrogen into ammonia and nitrates
a) nitrogen-fixing bacteria
b) nitrifying bacteria
c) ammonia-fixing bacteria
d) denitrifying bacteria

These are also found in the soil producing nitrates from decomposing plants and animals as well as fertilizers
a) nitrifying bacteria
b) nitrogen-fixing bacteria
c) ammonia-fixing bacteria
d) denitrifying bacteria

Nitrogen returns to the atmosphere through
a) denitrifying bacteria
b) nitrogen-fixing bacteria
c) nitrifying bacteria
d) ammonia-fixing bacteria

Which of the following is not an example of a monocot?
a) a flower with 5 petals
b) vascular bundles arranged randomly
c) parallel veins in leaf
d) fibrous root system

The bushy head formed by the leaves in a broadleaf tree
a) crown
b) trunk
c) flowers
d) stem

Which of the following refers to plants that live 3 or more years?
a) perennials
b) annuals
c) biennials
d) forennials

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