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The vantage point from which a story is told
a) objective
b) subjective
c) point of view
d) reliable/unreliable narration

Hints or clues of what is yet to occur in a text.
a) foreshadowing
b) onomatopoeia
c) paradox
d) allegory

A method of characterization whereby the author/narrator makes a direct statement about a character's traits.
a) indirect
b) direct

The author/narrator reveals information about a character subtly through the STEAL elements.
a) indirect
b) direct

If something is irrelevant it
a) connects to the main idea of a text.
b) does not refer to or wanders away from the main point.
c) shows similarities within a text.
d) shows differences within a text.

Toby displayed his toy car at the pinecar derby. In this sentence, toy is what part of speech?
a) noun
b) pronoun
c) adjective
d) verb

We stopped by the school to find the teacher. In this sentence, by is an example of what part of speech?
a) pronoun
b) preposition
c) noun
d) pronoun

Her research paper was very well written. In this sentence, her is what part of speech?
a) noun
b) verb
c) pronoun
d) preposition

Ha! You wish you could be exempt from exams. In this sentence, Ha! is used as what part of speech?
a) conjunction
b) preposition
c) interjection
d) pronoun

Because I left the party, I missed out on the bonfire. In this sentence, because is used as what part of speech?
a) preposition
b) conjunction
c) interjection
d) verb

That must be a great essay! In this sentence, that is what part of speech?
a) noun
b) pronoun
c) preposition
d) conjunction

Don't you think everyone in the class did well? In this sentence, well is used as what part of speech?
a) verb
b) adverb
c) adjective
d) conjunction

Which of the following examples is a good example of a thesis statement?
a) In my opinion, Harper Lee used Atticus as a perfect example of a human being.
b) In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee portrays Atticus as a man of courage, compassion, and integrity.
c) Honesty is the best policy, best captures the theme of To Kill a Mockingbird.
d) Atticus proves you just have to hang on through good times and bad in order to right the wrongs of society.

Thesis statements should include all of the following EXCEPT
a) subject
b) opinion
c) parallelism
d) first person point of view

There is too much to do right now I have 5 final exams, a basketball game, and a babysitting job.
a) run-on
b) fragment
c) vague phrasing
d) redundant

The student was burned by the F on the test.
a) vague reference
b) run-on
c) cliche;slang
d) sexist language

Rainsford fled by water, on foot, and jumped over the tiger pit.
a) sexist language
b) lacks parallelism
c) passive voice
d) loaded words

When we left the school.
a) run-on
b) fragment
c) vague wording
d) passive voice

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