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Objective Point of View
a) 1st person
b) 2nd person
c) 3rd person
d) 2nd person limited

Subjective point of view
a) 1st and 3rd person
b) 3rd person limited and 3rd person omniscient
c) 1st and 2nd person
d) 3rd person omniscient and 1st person

The essay remains on topic and focused; does not wander from the main idea and each idea has importance and contributes to the whole.
a) audience
b) tone
c) relevance
d) reliable

All elements in an essay connect to a central topic.
a) coherence
b) unity
c) spatial
d) thesis

The paper is organized logically and flows smoothly from one idea to the next.
a) thesis statement
b) spatial organization
c) coherence
d) order of importance

Ranking of ideas
a) spatial order
b) chronological order
c) coherence
d) order of importance

was failed is an example of
a) active voice
b) passive voice

A statement of the main idea/controlling purpose of an essay
a) topic sentence
b) thesis statement
c) concluding statement
d) concrete detail

TAG stands for
a) Title, Author, Genre
b) Title, Author, General Statement of Purpose
c) Theme, Author, General Statement of Purpose
d) Theme, Audience, Genre

Drawing out language unnecessarily - major breakthrough; 9am in the morning; past history; plan ahead; forever and ever; we are never, ever, ever, ever getting back together
a) loaded language
b) sexist language
c) vague word choice
d) redundancy

Thesis statements containing multiple ideas should be _____.
a) redundant
b) symbolic
c) loaded
d) parallel

A sentence lacking a subject or verb.
a) fragment
b) awkward
c) run-on
d) active voice

The use of a comma to join two or more independent clauses (too many commas - not enough connective tissue/transition).
a) comma splice
b) vague word choice
c) wordiness
d) thesis

Two or more independent clauses joined without appropriate punctuation.
a) run-on
b) comma splice
c) fragment
d) redundant

A penny saved is a penny earned; early bird gets the worm, etc.
a) relevance
b) wordiness
c) redundancy
d) cliche

The individual or group for whom the text is written.
a) passive voice
b) active voice
c) objective point of view
d) audience

The formation of a word by imitation of sound such as honk, boom, clap, snap, etc.
a) personification
b) paradox
c) rhetorical devices
d) onomatopoeia

Repetition of the beginning sounds in a line of literature - Ex - While I pondered, weak and weary...
a) assonance
b) alliteration
c) personification
d) allusion

The point in a text where the audience feels the highest moment of suspense as a result of the action.
a) technical climax
b) dramatic climax
c) exposition
d) denouement

The term objective most closely means
a) disciplined
b) judgemental
c) practical
d) reasonable; fair

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