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The “StartSafe. StaySafe.” philosophy applies in which of the following environments?
a) All of the answer choices are correct
b) Home
c) School
d) Workplace

To comply the Right to Know, employers must use and provide container labeling, safety data sheets (SDSs),
a) True
b) False

While you are working at your desk, you smell fire. Within seconds, the fire alarm sounds. What should you do?
a) Go through your overhead bins and take your most important binders.
b) Quickly take all the family photos in your workstation.
c) Remain calm and immediately exit the building.

Which of the following is NOT part of OSHA’s fall protection regulations?
a) Assembling and using scaffolds safely.
b) Guarding fall hazards properly.
c) Strictly prohibiting workers from wearing fall protection equipment.
d) Using ladders safely.

Which of the following is a major feature of safety and health programs?
a) Assess worksite safety
b) Communicate responsibility
c) Involve top management in implementing programs
d) Worksite analysis

Some general guidelines to prepare for an emergency include which of the following?
a) All of the answer choices are correct
b) Creating a personal, work, or family emergency plan
c) Knowing how to contact your family in an emergency
d) Knowing if you should stay, get away, or find cover based on the best practices for different types of emergencies.

Which of the following could prevent earmuffs from providing your ears good protection from noise?
a) All of the answers are correct
b) Earings
c) Eye glasses
d) Hair

What is required before using a respirator?
a) Nothing
b) Proper training on respirators
c) Survey of the work area
d) User’s guide

What condition occurs when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed?
a) Broken Bone
b) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
c) Tendonitis

__________ cause the majority of general industry accidents and are responsible for many accidental deaths each year.
a) Drowning
b) Falls
c) Fires

Your employer is required by law to create a safe work environment.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following provides the same protection as safety glasses?
a) Bifocals
b) None of the answer choices are correct
c) Regular glasses
d) Sunglasses

How many levels of full body protective clothing are there?
a) Four
b) Seven
c) Six
d) Two

One of the main responsibilities employers have under OSHA is to:
a) Conduct energy audits
b) Notify OSHA of any workplace injury or illness
c) Provide training required by OSHA standards
d) Reduce air pollution in the environment

An employer trains you on how to perform a job safely. After the training is completed and you begin the job, how often should you reassess your job and its safety?
a) All of the time
b) Once a year
c) Only if you switch positions

You need to go through a closed door to escape a fire. Which action should you take?
a) Do not feel the door as it may be warm.
b) Feel the door first using the back of your hand.
c) Feel the door first using your elbow

Which of the following laws provide safety guidelines to protect young workers?
a) The Fair Labor Standard Act and the Risk Management Act
b) The Occupational Safety and Health Act and Fair Labor Standard Act
c) The Resource Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act
d) The Resource Act and the Risk Management Act

This act was signed December 29, 1970 as a result of four significant worker safety events. OSHA was created from it April 28, 1971.
a) OSH Act
b) OSHA Act
c) Public Safety Law 10

Why was it considered necessary to establish OSHA?
a) To assure pay equality for all workers in the nation
b) To assure that discrimination does not occur in the workplace
c) To assure that every worker in the nation has safe and healthful working conditions and to preserve human resources

The creation of OSHA provided this important right to workers:
a) The right to a safe and healthful workplace
b) The right to equal employment opportunities
c) The right to pension benefits
d) The right to privacy

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