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People who spread religious beliefs are called
a) artisans
b) missionaries
c) monks
d) followers

Which of the following was one effect of Asoka Maurya becoming a Buddhist?
a) He expanded the size of the empire.
b) He swore not to fight any more wars.
c) He conquered many Indian kingdoms.
d) He fought against his brother for power.

In which way were Asoka Maurya and Siddhartha Gautama similar?
a) Both men were against violence.
b) Both men were raised in poverty.
c) Both men were leaders of empires.
d) Both men supported the caste system.

Which of the following occurred before Abraham left Mesopotamia?
a) The Hebrew moved to Canaan.
b) Moses led the Hebrews out of slavery.
c) God spoke to Abraham.
d) Abraham recieved the Ten Commandments.

The Hebrews' religion is called
a) Christianity
b) Judaism
c) Islam
d) Hinduism

Which of these best summarizes the Exodus?
a) the scattering o f Jews outside of Canaan
b) the conflict between the Hebrews and the Romans
c) the journey Abraham took to Mesopotamia
d) the Hebrews' departure from Egypt

After returning to Canaan, the Hebrews called themselves
a) Jews
b) Philistines
c) Israelites
d) Hindus

How was King David different from King Saul?
a) Saul was a stronger king.
b) David was a stronger king.
c) Religious leaders supported Saul.
d) Religious leaders supported David.

Who became the king of the Israilites after David?
a) Solomon
b) Saul
c) Daniel
d) Abraham

Jewish religous leaders were called
a) Zealots
b) rabbis
c) Ashkenazim
d) monks

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