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In 1778, the focus of the Revolutionary war shifted:
a) From New York to England
b) From England to New York
c) To emancipation when George Washington declared all slaves who fought for American independence should be free
d) To the south, where the British captured Savannah

Joseph Bryant, a young Mohawk
a) Wanted natives to reject Eurocentric ideals
b) Was appointed first Governor of Upper Canada in 1781
c) Wanted to create an Indian Confederacy between Canada and the U.S.
d) Urged Natives to move west of the Mississippi River

The participants in the Stono Rebellion:
a) Surrendered without any bloodsheed and agreed to pledge loyalty to the colony
b) Were mostly former indentured servants upset over the colony's Native policy
c) Included some who apparently had been soliders in Africa
d) Were successful because of divisions over language and ethnicity

About what percent of adult white men could vote in the 18th century in British colonial America?
a) 5 - 10
b) 25 - 40
c) 33 - 50
d) 50 -80

Of the half million people who left England betweeen 1607 and 1700:
a) More than half settled in North America
b) More went to the West Indies than to North America
c) Ireland was the most popular destination
d) About half returned

The 1681 painting of David, notable as the only modern portrait of a New England Native, shows that by the late 17th century:
a) Farming had replaced hunting as the chief Native economic activity
b) Natives converted to Christianity
c) Natives resisted European culture
d) English goods became an important part of Native life

The Virginia House of Burgesses:
a) Was dissolved by King James because he objected to all representative government.
b) Was created as part of the Virginia Company's effort to encourage the colony's survival
c) Banned the importation of servants
d) Had more power than the governor

Which statement about New Netherland is FALSE?
a) Same slaves possessed half-freedom
b) No elected assembly was established
c) They enjoyed diplomatic relations with the Five Iroquois Nations
d) Women had many liberties, but could not retain their legal identity after marriage

Which of the following did NOT specifically tax the colonists?
a) Sugar Act
b) Tea Act
c) Declaratory Act
d) Stamp Act

Property qualifications for holding office:
a) Were the same in every colony as they were for voting
b) Meant that women served regularly in colonial legislatures
c) Meant the landed genry wielded considerable power in colonial legislatures
d) Disappeared from Parliament before they were eliminated by colonial legislatures

The Glorius Revolution witnessed uprisings in colonial America, including ones in:
a) New Hampshire and Pennsylvania
b) New York and Maryland
c) Virginia and Maryland
d) New York and New Hampshire

What did Neolin tell his people they must reject?
a) A pan-Indian identity
b) European technology and material goods
c) The enslavement of Africans
d) The use of English in trade negotiations

Virtually every founding father owned at least one slave except:
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) John Adams

John Locke's political philosophy stressed:
a) A contract between the people and the government
b) That mercantilism was necessary for a strong nation
c) Religous toleration for all
d) That a strong government must always be engaged in warfare.

Slaves in the 18th cenutry in South Carolina and Georgia...
a) Enjoyed more autonomy and kept their African culture intact
b) Enjoyed less autonomy and weren't able to keep their African culture intact
c) Declined in population by 5-10 percent because of the amount of diseases in the area.
d) Were able to easily obtain freedom due to laws that did not restrict slaves in every facet of life.

Pennsylvania's treatment of Native Americans was unique in what way?
a) They attempted to exterminate them
b) Used militias to take over Native land
c) Forced them to relocate instead of deciding to kill them
d) Purchased Native land that was resold to colonist and offered refuge to tribes drive out of other colonies

Maryland's founder, Cecilius Calvert:
a) Wanted to limit the power of ordinary poeple
b) Wanted a democracy
c) Lost ownership of the colony and died a pauper
d) Supported total relgious freedom

Henry Hudson
a) Detailed the atrocities committed by the Spanish in the 'New World'
b) Is credited with the 'discovery' of the 'New World'
c) Wanted to find a northwest passage to India
d) Befriended a Native American woman, Pocahantas, who helped him adapt to the 'New World'

Bartolome De Las Casas...
a) Was the first person to spot land on Columbus' ship.
b) Detailed the atrocities the Spanish subjected the Natives to.
c) Wanted to find a northwest passage to India.
d) Detailed the benefits of the Spanish colonization of the 'New World'

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