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Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
a) evaporation in a swamp cooler
b) electricity produced by a dry cell
c) digestion of a hamburger
d) rusting of a car body

Kinetic energy is the ______________ of motion.
a) temperature
b) energy
c) heat
d) state

Which of the followinf is an example of a chemical change?
a) painting a house
b) freezing water
c) bending steel
d) baking soda in water

Acids and bases can be all of the following except ____________.
a) living
b) useful
c) harmful
d) edible

The _____________ is a unit of force.
a) pascal
b) atmosphere
c) newton
d) kilopascal

Which of the materials will burn the fastest in open air?
a) a log, two feet in diamter
b) two logs, each one foot in diamter
c) a pile of small splinters made from a two-foot diameter log
d) Both logs and the small splinters will burn at the same rate.

All of the following are a state of matter EXCEPT ____________.
a) solid
b) gas
c) liquid
d) density

Archemedes' Principle helps to explain the relationship between ___________.
a) kinetic energy and density
b) temperature and density
c) pressure and density
d) buoyancy and density

Pascal's Principle can be applied to ____________.
a) all states of matter
b) solids and gases only
c) solids and liquids only
d) any matter that can flow

The following are examples of physical properties EXCEPT _____________.
a) density
b) shape
c) color
d) ability to react with oxygen

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