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If the author uses the pronouns 'he/she' or 'they' and reveals thoughts and feelings of only 1 character, the author is using
a) 1st person point of view
b) 2nd person point of view
c) 3rd person omniscient
d) 3rd person limited

The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group is
a) Holocaust
b) genocide
c) pogrom
d) fascism

What word means hatred toward Jews?
a) annihilation
b) prejudice
c) anti-Semitism
d) genocide

Ethos appeals to
a) your logic
b) your ethics
c) your emotions
d) your senses

Propaganda is an attempt to influence an audience by giving them all of the compelling facts
a) True
b) False

The most effective type of propaganda (the type that the Nazis used the most) is
a) Fear
b) Card Stacking
c) Bandwagon
d) Euphemism

What is General Zaroff's main reason for preferring to hunt humans instead of animals?
a) There is no big game found on the island.
b) He hates people
c) Men can think and reason, and are more of a challenge
d) He doesn't like to kill animals

When Rainsford can't sleep the night before the General's going to hunt him, this is an example of:
a) internal conflict
b) external conflict
c) dramatic irony
d) situational irony

The type of irony when the reader knows what is going to happen, but the character does not is:
a) irony
b) dramatic irony
c) situational irony
d) verbal irony

When the Sniper realizes he has killed his brother at the end of the story, it's called:
a) situational irony
b) external irony
c) external conflict
d) dramatic irony

The hunters are allowed to kill the dinosaurs that have been marked with red paint because those dinosaurs
a) have only one brain
b) aren't real
c) are the easiest to kill
d) are about to die anyway

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