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A special way that group does something which is part of their culture is referred to as?
a) celebrations
b) tradition
c) vacation
d) holiday

The founding fathers are people who help to create
a) the United States
b) Texas
c) Houston
d) The Woodlands

What is a holiday
a) A special day to remember an important person or event
b) work
c) recess
d) A day of the week

Love or devotion to your country referred to as?
a) disloyalty
b) falsity
c) treachery
d) allegiance

A way of life for a specific group of people is called?
a) life
b) tradition
c) culture
d) people coming together

What is Daniel Boone known for?
a) helped new settlers travel to the American frontier (west)
b) he wore a raccoon on his head
c) he was a frontiers man
d) he ate apples

What is a constitution ?
a) A plan of government
b) a piece of old paper
c) a hard word
d) none of the above

An official member of a community is called__?
a) a person
b) an immigrant
c) a citizen
d) a mammal

What is Todd Beamer known for?
a) eating jelly beans
b) helped save lives on September 11th
c) he was a president
d) he helped save helpless kittens

People who are the first to respond in an emergency (police officers, firefighters, military, etc.) are called__?
a) bad guys
b) victims
c) spectators
d) first responders

Brave actions by someone that help others is called___?
a) coward
b) venn diagram
c) heroic deeds
d) first responders

What is honor?
a) something you graduate with
b) to show respect to others
c) a good name
d) a title or high rank

What is a Venn Diagram
a) two circles for used for taking notes
b) a circle
c) a diagram that is in a venn shape
d) another way to say social studies

A large land area that has special features is __?
a) region
b) land
c) map
d) globe

A habitat is a ___?
a) home
b) rainforest
c) place where a person, animal or thing is usually found
d) region

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