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He was running late because he couldn't find his shoes. This sentence is in what tense?
a) Past
b) Present
c) Future
d) Past perfect

Which phrase has a simile?
a) ran like a gazelle
b) shirt that stood to attention
c) the big smile on his face
d) fell in a heap

Which phrase contains an adjective?
a) ran like a gazelle
b) shirt that stood to attention
c) the big smile on his face
d) fell in a heap

Which uses consistent verb tenses?
a) He is late, so he ran the rest of the way.
b) He was late, so he is running the rest of the way.
c) He will be late, so he ran the rest of the way
d) He was late, so he ran the rest of the way.

What is the problem or struggle that causes the action in the story?
a) drama
b) climax
c) confusion
d) conflict

What is the part of the story where the problem is solved?
a) Falling action
b) Exposition
c) Rising Action
d) Resolution

The time and place where the story occurs
a) setting
b) theme
c) topic
d) context

The turning point of the story
a) Conflict
b) Rising action
c) Climax
d) Resolution

What is the word used to remember the types of indirect characterization?

What is the overall message the author is trying to convey?
a) Message
b) Mood
c) Theme
d) Topic

The ways the author reveals important aspects about the people in the story
a) Style
b) Imagery
c) voice
d) Characterization

When the author gives clues to something that may happen in the future
a) Flashback
b) Foreshadowing
c) Irony
d) Theme

The opposite of what's expected
a) Irony
b) Simile
c) Metaphor
d) Plot

Rainsford not sleeping the night before Zaroff hunts him is an example of:
a) External conflict
b) Dramatic Irony
c) Internal conflict
d) Situational Irony

The Sniper takes place in
a) London
b) Belfast
c) Berlin
d) Dublin

Eckels goes on the time travel safari because he wants to
a) Be young again
b) Change the future
c) Die for a noble cause
d) Hunt dinosaurs

In The Necklace, Mathilde's problem is
a) She needs a job
b) She wants more than she has
c) She doesn't know how to spend her money
d) She doesn't love her husband

How many years did it take for the Loisels to pay off the necklace?
a) 5
b) 10
c) 12
d) 15

Which of the follwing words has the incorrect prefix?
a) infold
b) misfit
c) redo
d) predate

Which is the best synonym for the word 'payment'?
a) expenses
b) budgets
c) debts
d) installment

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