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A chemical bond that results from the sharing of electrons
a) covalent bond
b) ionic bond
c) nonmetallic bond
d) hydrogen bond

When two atoms share two pairs of electrons, they form a
a) double bond
b) single bond
c) triple bond
d) ionic bond

The diagram that shows the locations of atoms and valence electrons in a compound
a) Lewis structure
b) Bohr structure
c) Dalton structure
d) Humphrey structure

This describes how strongly an atom pulls on electrons in a chemical bond
a) electronegativity
b) polarity
c) covalency
d) ionity

If atoms equally share electrons they have a
a) nonpolar covalent bond
b) polar covalent bond
c) nonpolar ionic bond
d) polar ionic bond

If atoms do not equally share electrons, with one atom pulling harder, they have a
a) polar covalent bond
b) nonpolar covalent bond
c) nonpolar ionic bond
d) polar ionic bond

If atoms completely take or give electrons they have a(n)
a) ionic bond
b) polar covalent bond
c) nonpolar covalent bond
d) hydrogen bond

An ion made up of a group of atoms is called
a) polyatomic ion
b) ionic crystal
c) multion
d) manyatomic ion

These bonds allow electrons to travel through the substance between many atoms
a) metallic bond
b) ionic bond
c) covalent bond
d) hydrogen bond

These chemical formula shows only the simplest ratio of atoms in a compound
a) empirical formula
b) molecular formula
c) structural formula
d) ionic formula

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