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Negatively charged ions
a) anion
b) cation
c) isotope
d) nucleon

Positively charged ions
a) cation
b) anion
c) isotope
d) nucleon

An atom that has lost or gained an electron
a) ion
b) isotope
c) quark
d) nucleon

Layers that hold a certain number of electrons
a) electron shells
b) electron fillings
c) electron paths
d) electron arrangements

Smaller particles that is believed to make up protons and neutrons
a) quarks
b) ions
c) isotopes
d) nucleons

The outer shell of electrons are known as
a) valence electrons
b) transition electrons
c) cloud electrons
d) orbital electrons

The neutral charged subatomic particles
a) neutrons
b) electrons
c) protons
d) nucleus

The positively charged subatomic particles
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) electrons
d) nucleus

The negatively charged subatomic particles
a) electrons
b) protons
c) neutrons
d) nucleus

Model that shows nucleus in center with electrons moving in circular orbits around the nucleus
a) Bohr model
b) Quantum model
c) Heisenberg model
d) Dalton model

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