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When the net forces equal 0 N, they are which of the following
a) balances
b) unbalanced
c) a push
d) a pull

What is a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are in contact?
a) motion
b) friction
c) velocity
d) acceleration

As the distance between two objects increases, the force of gravity between them
a) decreases
b) does not change
c) increases only slightly
d) increases greatly

Which of the following is opposed by static friction?
a) a pencil rolling on a table
b) a dog running in a yard
c) a chair sliding on the floor
d) a worker pushing on a non-moving box

When a mover puts furniture on wheels, what type of friction is the mover using to make the job easier
a) static friction
b) sliding kinetic friction
c) rolling kinetic friction
d) gravitational friction

The law of universal gravitation says that gravitational force is
a) related to mass and distance
b) related to weight and distance
c) related to mass and friction
d) related to weight and friction

What feature of an object does not affect air resistance?
a) its size
b) its chemical properties
c) its shape
d) its speed

Why does a ball thrown horizontally follow a curved path downward?
a) there is no acceleration on the ball
b) the ball is accelerated in the horizontal direction only
c) the ball is accelerated by gravity in the vertical direction only
d) the ball is accelerated in both the vertical and horizontal directions

An object is considered in free fall when the force of gravity
a) is greater than the force of air resistance
b) is less than the force of air resistance
c) is equal to the force of air resistance
d) is the only force acting on the object

To produce a change in motion, a force must be a(n)
a) balanced force
b) unbalanced force
c) frictional force
d) gravitational force

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